S**t Girls Say

So this series of videos has come out and the first one is “Shit Girls Say” and growing up in the suburbs with various people telling me I talk like an actual valley girl leads me to believe that I am actually this girl 50% of the time. Hopefully less. I watched it and it is pretty dead on and I know for a FACT I have said these lines;

“Are you near a computer?

“I had to get up at like 6 this morning.”

“Listen, listen, listen, listen, LISTEN.”

“I hate trying on clothes.”

“You look good!” (this one is a damn shame because more often than not they don’t really even look that great)

Also, the constant looking in her purse was spot on because you all know we can never find our chapstick when we need it which is why I have recently, if at all possible, been using a wristlet for everything. And sorry but the scene where she was stuffing her face with chips was literally me last night as the holiday party winded down because I starved myself all day and drank too much vodka and thought I was going to die.

Then another video came out called “Shit Black Girls Say” and it is actually spot on too. I don’t really do that many stereotypical things (sorry, blame it on the suburbs) but if you know any legit black girls this shit is hysterical.Best lines are as follows.

“Ooh!Pull up the episode of basketball wives”

“Delete!” (GUILTY)

“Can you puhlease turn that down?” (guilty)

“Ooo turn that up, that is my JAM” (guilty)

“I can’t stand you!”

“Oh, you must be on front of yo friends!”

“Look at her shoes…” (guilty)


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