Gaga’s New Vid – apologies, but it had to be addressed.

Lady Gaga just released her video for “Marry the Night”, the fifth single off her album Born this Way and its a little much (still didn’t hate it though). I used to be wayyyyy more obsessed with Gaga because her initial album was killer and she is such an advocate and voice for gay rights so I pretty much supported anything she does. I still do like her a lot but I am now able to look at everything she does from a much more objective point of view. This new video is 14 goddamn minutes long and is more of a performance piece/montage/concept stealer than a music video but whatever.

It is kind of a fictional version of her rise to fame.  I think parts of it are autobiographical after she was initially dropped from her first record label. It starts out in a mental hospital, so I am led to believe she lost her mind/attempted suicide/overdosed and this is where she is starting her life over. In her initial monologue she essentially says that she doesn’t lie about her past but prefers to think of it in an “artistic” way, a painting that hasn’t been finished. This is an interesting concept but it leaves me just feeling more confused because I don’t know what is real and what is not with her.  How can people, especially her fans, truly connect with someone who is possibly fictionalizing something so many people have gone through? Is she saying she didn’t go through such a dark time but can understand it? Or is she saying she did go through something similar and this is how she chooses to convey it, in a more glamorous and artsy way? Fuck if I know. This was all getting to be too much for me so I took a break about six minutes in, went and free based some Whiteout to clear my head and came back.

All in all, I think the video is ehhhh ok and the song is wayyy better to listen to than “Born this Way”. There were only 3 parts that bothered me. 1: Why was she wasting so many damn Cheerios? 2: Why is she putting toothpaste in her hair trying to convince people that she actually dyed it herself? 3: She needs to stop acting like a damn dance legend. I have been lucky enough to be friends with and gone to shows to see people who were born with the natural ability of dance and there is nothing methodical about watching them move, it is a fucking beautiful thing to watch. It’s the visual counterpart of hearing someone with a beautiful, god-given voice, sing. So, I’m sorry, but gaga, flipping around her glue-in weave and flopping around on the floor touching herself is hard for me to watch. On the flip side, I give her credit for her performing abilities because I watched her concert special on HBO and if tickets were a little more reasonable I would still go see her live (she doesn’t censor anything).

So, watch it, don’t watch it, throw your computer out the window and never read my blog again. Long hair, don’t care. She may bite (who in the hell doesn’t!!) from past artists sometimes but at least she has the balls to be doing something interesting/shocking/weird/inspiring with the amount of exposure she has right now.

You can watch it here.


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