All I Want For Christmas

My mom asked me for my Christmas list and various people have been asking me to put up another post so, boom, two birds with one stone.

I started brainstorming and my list started to become more of a “necessity” than “desire” list (blame it on the failing economy and my even bigger fail of a bank account). It’s so bad that I can’t even think about asking for anything crazy expensive because if I break or lose it I will probably pencil dive out a highrise.  I just want to smell nice and not walk around barefoot in the snow essentially. I am asking for extremeeeely reasonable and unexpensive things. (Dear my mom’s boyfriend: you have 2 cars and a boat – stop giving me personal checks for $25!!!). Also this year, since I am single (every damn year), my bro got laid off (update: employed again, study this list bro!), and I have a deadbeat for a father, looks like I am relying mainly of Carol for gifts. Yay mom!

Here goes:

Braided Cable Knit Ear Warmer: Urban Outfitters: $24Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE hats and headbands. Summer, winter, spring, fall, HATS & HEADBANDS.  These are super cute without giving you complete hathead, while allowing you to cover up when you don’t feel like straightening for an hour or putting that much effort into brushing yo hurr.

Numark iDJ Live – $100 (used)

I can make beats! DJ Pollipockit here I come!

TOMS Red Houndstooth $54

I am slowly trying to own every pair of TOMS possible (if you have ever owned them you know what these things feel like on your feet) but they add up after a while so I am hoping someone will buy me these gems so I can slip them on while enjoying a nice hot black tea, splash of skim, 2 equals in front of a frosted window this winter (in reality watching re runs of the first season of It’s Always Sunny on a loveseat drinking a Black Russian)

I will take these as well.

TOMS Black Vegan Wrap Boots – $98

As you can see from the prior request, one of the few weaknesses I do have is boots but I don’t care about name brands, you can get a really good pair of good leather boots for a good price, but I am in dire need of a good pair of riding boots. Any version close to these will do thank yaaa.

Enzo Angiolini ‘Saylem” Riding Boot – $150

Armani Code – $58

This is my favorite scent ever. I like my perfume like I like my humans; androgynous as all hell.

Awkward Family Photos the game: $23

I don’t even know what the premise or strategy is for this game but this is one of the best websites ever, so the game has to be at least a little bit awesome.

Marc Jacobs Flap Pouchette: $248

I don’t think anyone loves me enough to buy me this 😦

That’s all I can muster up right now, I will always accept cash or gift certificates to Ulta, DSW, TJ Maxx, etc.

If anyone wants to toss a job my way that doesn’t make me want to kill a small child that would be fine as well.

Did anyone know that Lindsay Lohan’s little sister made music? Welp she made a Christmas song and filmed it on the holiday backdrop at JC Penneys family photo section. Watch this if you really want all your xmas dreams to come true 🙂


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